Solaris Debugging and Bug Hunting at ShmooCon 2010

By on 18 January, 2010

Matt Hillman will be presenting the fruits of his Solaris research thus far at ShmooCon in Washington DC on the 6th of February. The abstract for his talk is shown below:

“Lately there has been a lot of excitement over the use of DTrace for bug hunting and reverse engineering purposes on platforms that support it such as Solaris. But there are a plethora of advanced tools and techniques out there for other more common x86 based platforms, so does DTrace really add that much? In this talk that question is examined by introducing RSol, a Ruby based debugging component for Solaris in a similar vein to PyDebug for Windows. RSol allows powerful bug hunting tools to be coded quickly, and using this the pros and cons are investigated of using DTrace vs more traditional debugging techniques to achieve different goals in different circumstances. The ultimate plan is for RSol to become a suite allowing debugging and DTrace based techniques to be used together in a complimentary way.”

If you can’t make it to DC to see the talk, it will also be streamed live (along with the rest of ShmooCon) via uStream. This is the first year ShmooCon have done this, so lets hope it goes without a hitch!