Just Arrived! - Max Pwnage

By on 16 July, 2010

After much anticipation we are pleased to announce that the new Max Pwnage cards from MWR Labs are now available. The cards highlight the impact of a number of high profile security vulnerabilities that have affected systems and networks over the past 30 years. It has also been identified that the Max Pwnage cards can also be used to play an exciting game of skill and chance although this is purely a coincidence.


How do I get my hands on a set?

If you are an existing client of MWR InfoSecurity then speak to your contact within the company and they will be able to provide you with your own set. If you aren’t fortunate enough to already work with the company there are a number of ways you can get your hands on a set. Simply speak to an MWR consultant at one of the many public security conferences that they will be attending in the coming months. You will find consultants either attending or speaking at the following events:

  • Black Hat Briefings – Caesars Palace Hotel and Casino, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA (July 28th, 29th 2010)
  • Defcon 18 – Riviera Hotel and Casino, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA (July 30th – August 1st 2010)
  • Sec-T Security Conference – Rio Theatre, Stockholm, Sweden (September 10th, 11th 2010)
  • Making Sense of Risk (Invite Only) – Altitude 360, London, England (September 23rd 2010)
  • T2 Security Conference – Radisson SAS Royal Hotel, Helsinki, Finland (October 28th, 29th 2010)

Further events will be announced in the near future so please keep checking the MWR Labs website for an opportunity to get your hands on these highly sought after cards.

Who is Max Pwnage?

Max is a shadowy character who is responsible for finding and exploiting vulnerabilities in computer systems. Keep your eyes open for him as he is always on the trail of emerging threats and issues that could affect the security of your computer or your business.