HackFu 2013: The Movie

By on 20 December, 2013

It’s been a long time coming but we are really excited to bring a little festive cheer to you all with today’s release of HackFu 2013: The Movie. We realise the title doesn’t invoke all the emotion and excitement of a Hollywood blockbuster but we can guarantee that the contents will. You can check out all the action at the following location:

Have you watched it yet? If so you’ll now know that it’s not as straightforward as you first thought. You wouldn’t expect any less from us would you? So just one puzzle left to solve and by way of a hint you won’t need to hack or pwn and you certainly don’t need to brute force anything. If you find the answer please enjoy the movie but if possible give others the opportunity to solve it themselves!

If you enjoyed the movie and think you’re up to the challenge keep an eye out for the HackFu 2014 challenge next year where you could win yourself a spot at next year’s event. The venue is booked and the date is locked in for 26th to 28th June 2014.