WebEx Remote Support Application Vulnerability

Product WebEx Remote Support Application
Severity High
CVE Reference N/A
Type WebEx Remote Support Application Vulnerability

The Remote Support Center application utilises the WebEx portal to provide a mechanism which allows remote assistance of users or the sharing of an application such as a PowerPoint presentation or browser session. A vulnerability was identified whereby the security controls within the application could be overridden and that all actions could have been taken without the permission of the user or of the Meeting Host.

This document is intended to provide further information about security vulnerabilities previously identified in the WebEx Remote Support Center Application. The information included here should be used to identify how use of the service might impact on an organisation’s security posture and how it can be ensured that its usage does not expose unnecessary risk. This document is not intended as a statement of MWR InfoSecurity’s opinion about the security of this application, or of the service in general.